Rethink – general tutor input

#Galicia2013 – rethink project for December 2013

Input from John Easterby when #Galicia2013 was still at a very early stage of gestation…

In his view the 12 page spread is dead!
This just re-affirms my intention to make this as a tablet presentation and confirms once again my contention that the presence of tablets and other mobile devices is pretty much unavoidable now.

He also added that in this new age we can be more than just generators of still images so record audio, shoot video, look at Go Pro’s

Shoot notes & thoughts from tutorial with Patrick Sutherland

Allow yourself to focus on:
time lapse

Be prepared to layer the whole thing to generate a collage of sound & audio.

Investigate sound recordist Chris Watson – once associated with Cabaret Voltaire – has made audio programmes for BBC, Radio 3 & Radio 4.

Also Roger Deakin (deceased 2006) founder of Common Ground

Input from Paul Lowe…

Science & Tech pages
Technology & photographic art

JR – french photographer
His large scale photo projects often have multiple uses – see the project of portraits of women that were made into huge prints on waterproof fabric that could be used as roofs for slum dwellings & yet are only visible properly from the air.

David Campbell’s blog & URL – multimedia production

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