Where to Begin

A tender allegory about impossible love, madness and solitude.

There always has to be a starting place for ideas that may grow into projects and these words seem to be just that this time around.

The Revista Ojos Rojos blog led me to this article about the publication of Wim Wender’s book Written in the West, Revisited that will be available from July 2015. This has led me to contemplating the impact that the visuals from films such as Paris, Texas (Wenders), Lost Highway (Lynch), The Last Wave (Weir), Lawrence of Arabia (Lean)

Although bleak these places hold a compelling attraction for me. They always have done. There seems to be nothing whilst at the same time something. A vast emptiness devoid of people but dotted with evidence of human habitation in the form of buildings, signs, roads, vehicles.
A sense that things rarely happen. That I can get lost. Be unknown. Have no past and no future just be present.



One thought on “Where to Begin

  1. I know next to nothing about cinema but there are some things I know and like – mainly Werner Herzog and Powell/Pressburger. With Wim Wenders you’ve given me a name to conjure with.

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